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congratulation “Dream comes ture in Austraia Intellegence takes over the future"The press conference of listing for Samly and domestic excellent distributors' annual meeting

March 24, Samly The press conference of listing for Samly and domestic excellent distributors' annual meeting held in Shenzhen Bauhinia Hills, the theme "Dream Comes True In Australia, Intellegence Takes Over The Future", intended to congratulate the Samly successfully listing in the Australian capital market, By sharing the conference, communication, discussion salon, expressing great strides with the development partners to better expectation.

Guests attending the conference are: China Medical Materials Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Mr. Liu Zhongliang, deputy secretary general of China Association of Pharmaceutical supplies chain pharmacies Committee Mr. Yazhou Guo, China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Forum pharmacies growing Deputy Secretary-General on behalf of the Professional Committee of Air France, executive president and secretary of the Guangdong high-tech industry associations Mr. Lizong Wang, Jiangxi pharmacies Union president Mr. Yang Hu, chairman of Shanxi pharmacy alliance Mr. Shiyu Wang, Shanxi pharmacy providers League Secretary Mr. Hui Shang, chairman of Inner Mongolia pharmacy alliance Mr. Yao Li,  chairman of Shandong pharmacies Union health Mr. Weishen Xiao and other well known people, major media reporters, VIP customers and outstanding dealer representatives, the number of participants more than 300 people. Samly also invited the team of Australia's top brokerage BBY and help investors who are interested in investing in the Samly to open their bank account in Australia.

The time of arrangements for the meeting are very tight, there were Retrospect of Samly, the strategic layout after listing, press conferences, face to face interviews between seniors, these four sections, showcasing the strength and  the future of Samly.

9:00 ,  the CEO of Australia Samly Holdings Mr. Yu Peng give a speech about the Samlys 18 years of development and change to guests, with time as the main line , inserted with every milestone about Samlys growth, from the establishment of the company to the Australian listing, its not easy for Samly to get through all of these. Then, Chairman of the Board of Australia Samly  Holdings Mr. Liangchao Chen gave a wonderful speech about Samly market strategies with humor and vivid way recalled the history of the Samly of the listing , as well as "three expectation, four core strengths, five execution guarantee " wonderful rich content has won the audience applause ; during the speech Mr. Liangchao Chen repeatedly thanked his team , showing that he is proud and confident of his team! Finally , Mr. Peng opened a new chapter in the Samly of the listing : Jiangsu Transparent Factory mass production, quality is more controllable ; further reinforce its own blue cap products , product line more complete ; continue to increase investment in health Express, keeping the advantage ahead of industry; Gold manager classes has started second phase, continue to lead the development of the industry ; fully supported terminal extension services, closer and more practical ; brand image greatly upgrade - focus on shaping the family health ; product image reloading attack - eight products new Look ; new advertising more surprises - stay tuned hot screen ; integrated communication strong promotion - dormant for decades only to be a hit ; 2014 spring and summer new release !

16:00, as scheduled Smaly press conference start, China Medical Materials Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Mr. Zhongliang Liu, executive president of the Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong high-tech industry, the Secretary-General also on behalf of the CPPCC National Committee Mr. Lizong Wang was invited onto the stage to give some Congratulatory for Samly successfully listed., Mr. Sun Anmin former vice chairman of the National Federation donated paintings to Samly the "a horse with wings" and wished Samly listed rosy all the way, soaring.

Samly Group signed Ms Xiang Lis family of three people as the spokesperson. With "Wheres Daddy" popular domestic north and south , the program is about adorable little princess Wang Shi Ling and dad Mr. Wang Yuelun attract greatly audiences , Li became the focus of media a public concern. Due to schedule problems ,Ms Xiang Li failed to arrive at the scene , but Mr. Yuelun Wang showed up, media and guests were still so surprised . Renowned director Yuelun Wang dressed in stylish suits , significantly higher than the figure recorded "Daddy Where" lean a lot of time , when a reporter asked whether Wang Dao experienced Samly products, Wang Yuelun replied: "I usually to do sports , there are concerns on nutrition , but also try to compare a variety of nutritional supplements, protein powders New Life , I used to take , it tastes good . " when asked Wang Shi -old little princess " made money " issue, showing Mr.Yuelun Wang s family responsibility, which means that the decision is made By Ms. Xiang Li, he is unconditional support every decision made by his wife , and they choose to speak , when husband and wife are very cautious , more concerned about the quality of the product itself and social influence . For Angela filming of advertising matter, he said that it would respect the preferences of the little princess and let her leave plenty of time to learn , so she should has her own childhood.

The appreciation dinner, guests were well prepared for the Samly sand painting show, Sand artist dexterous hands with sand and flow of the audience to create a visual experience aesthetic Living, with this special way to tell you the Samly growth story.

8 pm, Robert Harrison BBY, general manager of Greater China Operations salon entrepreneur brings capital in the Australian capital market out look and investment guidelines for guests , to explain an overview of the Australian Stock Exchange and based on objective data analysis and case evidence the development potential of Samly , answering guests questions who is going to invest the Australian securities. Finally , Samlys strategy consultant Ms.  Hongwei Liu bring her corporate brand strategy and brand decoding , brand positioning as an entry point to dissect the secrets of the brand , and pointed out that most of Samlys significant advantages of the brand with an international brand background.

Conference successfully end and guests have said : There is such a wealth of content in a limited time , bring us not only laughter, but also gain a brighter outlook for the Samly new investment ideas and deeper on the Samly awareness, a worthwhile trip . And behind all this hard Samly are inseparable team of staff pay, intense preparation , so that guests truly feel , with such team of Samly, Samly has immeasurable future!