Company Event

Congratulations to the Samly which become the first Chinese company that list on Australia's APX stock

Beijing on March 6, 2014, Samly (ticker symbol: 8SA) officially landed in Australia, the Asia Pacific Exchange (APX), opened at 1.08 Australian dollars, than the issue price rose 8%. The strong performance of the first day of the opening, has many investors of all ages. Samly successfully listed, it means Samly became the first in the APX-listed Chinese companies, but also the first Chinese nutritional supplements and health care products companies listed abroad!

Shenzhen vitality Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is part of the Australian Samly Holdings Group, dedicated to nutritional supplements and health products product development, production and sales, while providing consumers with personalized dietary nutrition programs and health management services. In 2009, the company signed a cooperation agreement with China National Weightlifting Team, the company's New Life series products become  Chinese national weightlifting team designated special products. Since 2010 Samly explored a new business model , gradually provid personalized dietary nutrition programs  and health management services for consumers to build brand advantage, our products and services spread out over 34 provinces and autonomous regions.

Liangchao Chen, chairman of Samly listed on the Australia to confident and said that the reason for choosing listed in Australia, compare to China, Australia has stable and mature securities market regulation and supervision, is conducive to better cooperate with local companies in Australia, Australia's unique raw materials and the introduction of advanced production technology, thus promoting industrial upgrading domestic nutritional supplements for people to provide better nutrition products.

Samly IPO price is 1.00 Australian dollars, 10 million shares were issued. The first day of the opening at 1.08 Australian dollars. The industry believes that the listing on behalf of the vitality of the dietary supplement industry competition refresh, which will be formed in the domestic market to compete HEALTH potential, which will bring what the "butterfly effect" industry, so we intend to head pending.

It’s just a first step for Samly on its Listing  road, we believe that with the aging of the population as China intensified and the quality of life of people are getting better, the growing importance of nutrition and health care, nutrition and health industry, the domestic market is unlimited future. Health and nutrition resource-rich Australia, capital market stability, good political and economic relations in Australia, to the vitality of the company provides a good resource and environment. At this time Samly landing the Australian capital market, China's first overseas stocks nutritional supplements, can be described as favorable factors.