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[Qianjiang, Hubei] Hubei Drugstore Alliance Qianjiang Branch and SAMLY Health Service Vehicle Exchange Meeting

In January 2013, SAMLY launched the Nutrition Shinkansen · Health Tour in China” public benefit activity of free physical examination. SAMLY Health Service Vehicle has provided the service for people in Hubei, Henan, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Shandong, Jilin, Hebei, etc. This event is greatly supported by the strategic partners. During November 9-10, the 2nd SAMLY Health Service Vehicle National Exchange Meeting was held in Qianjiang, Hubei. This meeting was sponsored by SAMLY and co-organized by Hubei Wuhan Kangmeiyuan Trading Co., Ltd. More than 20 persons in charge of the business and Health Service Vehicle from Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Henan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Sichuan, etc. participated in the meeting.

On November 9, all participants observed the whole course of opening of SAMLY Health Service Vehicle at Qianjiang Peoples Drugstore Shuiniucheng Branch, including warm-up, ceremony, rap music, attracting customers, tests, promotion, Seckill, lucky draw, etc. The contents were wonderful and brought one climax after another. SAMLY Health Service Vehicle provided free tests for the local masses. The free professional physical examination was very attractive, and the people responded enthusiastically and participated actively. In order to show appreciation to customers for their support and favor of SAMLY, a customer who bought New Life LIQUID CALCIUM during the meeting could buy a second bottle at half price; a customer who bought New Life products amounting to RMB400 or above at Peoples Drugstore could enjoy a discount of RMB100 plus a free health pot valued at RMB148; a customer who bought goods amounting to RMB38 or above at Peoples Drugstore could participate in lucky draw. The citizens in Qianjiang were deeply attracted by the activities of SAMLY Health Service Vehicle. The money grasping dance, clothes washing dance, etc. cheered the whole audience. The crowds participating in the lucky draw were enormous and enthusiastic. The awards including refrigerator, electric pressure cooker, high-grade silk quilt, etc. were presented on site! The turnover of the drugstore on the day was increased by 4 times compared to the highest daily sales.

At the exchange meeting on November 10, SAMLY invited Mr. Feng Xianke, person in charge of SAMLY Health Service Vehicle from Hubei Wuhan Kangmeiyuan Trading Co., Ltd. to explain the back office operation, promotion design, details control, etc. of Health Service Vehicle. All attendants said they had gained a lot and would apply what they had learnt by combining the actual situation in their work. SAMLYs VIP customers Mr. and Mrs. Tian from Hubei and Mr. and Mrs. Wang from Henan narrated their experience in successful operation at the meeting and answered the questions from the audience and gave reasonable advice.

SAMLY Health Service Vehicle is intended to, through high-end physical examination items, such as cardiovascular test, microcirculation test, etc., provide personalized nutritional programs for common people all over the country and let them get professional nutritional counseling services and understand the important role of nutrition in maintaining health and preventing chronic diseases; better guide consumers to pay attention to sub-health, select safe and reliable nutritious foods, and convey the life concept of “Scientific, Nutritional, Natural, and Healthy”.