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[Nanchang, Jiangxi] Successful Ending of the 49th Champion Store Manger Class of SAMLY Business School and Jiangxi Drugstore Alliance Entrepreneurs’ Salon

On November 2, 2013, the 49th Champion Store Manger Class of SAMLY Business School opened at Jinyi Hotel Jiangxi. A record number of trainees (more than 300 persons) received this training, including more than 50 drugstores, such as Jiangxi Tianshun Drugstore, Jiangxi Caisen Drugstore, Jiangxi Yichun Laobaixing Drugstore, Jiangxi Jiujiang Kaixinren Drugstore, etc., which were president units or vice president units of Jiangxi Drugstore Alliance and the major drugstore enterprises in Jaingxi. Yu Peng, General Manager of Shenzhen SAMLY, three national public dieticians including Tiao Zuhua, etc., and excellent trainers participated in the training.

Although it has been late autumn, the cool weather couldnt hinder the enthusiasm of the trainees of SAMLY Business School. This class lasted three days, but the trainees said they longed for more, “I feel something is lacked when I have to go back to work form the training in the afternoon, or “I am still calling the good time to mind and pondering over it. It was visible that the Champion Store Manger Class was not just a simple training to the trainees mind. In the active atmosphere, driven by Teacher Tian and the teaching assistants, the trainees were excited and received knowledge in a good mood. In addition to the cheerful atmosphere, the rich course increased the trainees knowledge in different fields, including education on attitude management, analysis of financial management for chain stores by Teacher Zhang Jun from Jiaxin Guanghua, Teacher Fengs trainee character analysis and the interactive activity of retracing the way of life, commodity display practice course by Teacher Deng, etc. The contents were wonderful and practical.

The Champion Store Manger Class of SAMLY Business School is intended to help partners create professional talents, recommend medications and associated directions on using the medicines in a professional manner, adjust employee attitude and change their attitude towards life, make store managers more positive and dive store assistants to improve ability, establish closer cooperation relationship with partners, and provide value added services. “Rationality” being with “sensibility” has become one of the unique styles of the Champion Store Manger Class of SAMLY Business School.

Meanwhile, the Jiangxi Drugstore Alliance Entrepreneurs’ Salon was also held. SAMLY was favored by numerous new customers by right of its excellent services and quality. It was intriguing that Tianshun Drugstore, an existing customer of New Life, saw its sales of New Life and large healthcare products increased by up to 5 times compared to 10 months ago, the sales for September and October exceeding RMB4 million! A red whirlwind of SAMLY swept in Jiangxi Drugstore Alliance. The president units applauded SAMLY’s assisting the drugstores in Jiangxi in improving performance, which laid a solid foundation for SAMLY’s hope for tens of millions of sales in a province next year.