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Sedentariness ≠ Constipation: Eat right to keep intestinal tract unobstructed


      A survey made by a Chinese health net shows that currently up to 43% of the people sit in the office for at least 8 hours every day in China. In 2003, the WHO pointed out that more than 2 million people die for sedentariness every year in the world, and it is estimated that, by 2020, 70% of the diseases will be caused by sitting too long. Sedentariness therefore is listed as one of the top 10 fatal and pathogenic causes.  

      According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people sitting in most time of a day have high risk of getting obesity or heart attack or death. A German medical expert indicated that sedentary people are more likely to develop cancer. As the immune cells increase with the increase of activity, sedentariness makes the body lack sufficient immune cells. A Japanese survey on patients receiving stomach cancer operation shows that they all have overeaten and been sedentary.

      The SAMLY ETIT Nutrition and Health dietitian pointed out that, to keep intestinal tract unobstructed, it is important for sedentary people to develop the habit of do exercises, especially moderate exercises between meals and before sleep to accelerate gastrointestinal motility, make intestinal tract younger, and avoid chronic disease.

      Eat foods rich in dietary fiber – help intestinal tract do exercises

      If the intestines and stomach lack exercises, much waste will be accumulated in the large intestine. At this moment, there is nothing more helpful than foods rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can stimulate the peristalsis of the large intestine, relax stool, and prevent constipation. It is like a small brush that removes the toxic substances on the intestinal wall and the excess bacteria in the intestines, keeps the balance of gut flora in the intestines and stomach, and eliminates waste, which is favorable to losing weight and effectively reducing the risk of colon cancer.  

      Whole Grain

      Coarse food grains contain more dietary fibers, vitamins and trace elements than polished rice and flour. For example, a piece of common white bread usually contains 1.9g protein and 0.6g fiber, while a piece of whole-wheat bread contains 3.6g protein and 1.9g fiber. According to the updated dietary guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture, the daily intake of whole grain for adults should account for at least half of the grain consumption.

      High Fiber Vegetables and Fruits

      It is not true that only coarse vegetables, such as celery, are rich in dietary fiber. In fact, we need not to be caught up in the understanding of stuff in chink between teeth and swallowing like crazy. Many delicate foods, such as mushroom, fresh bean, broccoli, konjak, etc., are high fiber foods.

      Drink two glasses of honey every day – maintain beauty, keep young, and eliminate toxins

      Although honey seems smooth, according to the ancient prescriptions, it does not treat constipation with the effect of “smoothness”, but the special capability of moistening dryness. Chinese prescriptions value moistening dryness, so honey water or honey eaten together with rice or bread is suitable for constipation due to intestinal dryness. Honey is most suitable for white collars who suffer from excessive internal heat easily. Honey helps push toxins and waste out of the body more quickly.

      Eat right in the right way

      Eat slowly and properly

      The “ventral brain” in the intestinal tract dominates food digestion. If you eat too quickly and anxiously, this may cause constipation. So slow down and enjoy your food with pleasure.

      Only the combination of dietary fiber + water is effective

      If you eat too many foods rich in dietary fiber and do not drink sufficient water, your constipation is going to be more serious. Only when sufficient water is used to match the water absorption of fiber, can the fiber play a desired role in treating constipation.

      Eat foods rich in grease in the morning

      This can facilitate you to develop the habit of defecating in early morning. The best method is to grind sesame, peanut and beans into five grains milk which contain both grease and dietary fiber.

      Eat ripe banana

      Only ripe banana is useful for constipation. Hard unripe banana astringes the stomach and intestines and inhibits intestinal peristalsis, which causes constipation instead.

      Correct sitting posture

      Office workers should keep the correct sitting posture, often stretch their legs and change the posture of legs when operating a computer. After working for 30-40 minutes, they should stand up and leave the desk for a walk to relax themselves. Do not put cases or other items under the desk, which limits the movement of legs.

      Compatibility and incompatibility of die

      Foods appropriate for eating frequently   Celery, Chinese chives, radish, spinach, corn, oat, brown rice, banana, sesame, honey, peanut oil, walnut, pine nut, sweet potato, etc.

      Foods that must not be eaten frequently            

       Coffee, strong tea, chillies, fresh ginger, garlic, mutton, chicken, caraway, pepper, Sichuan pepper, mustard, soybean, rice bean, cowpea, cabbage, lemon, etc.

      Keys to the diet

       Drink lots of water to prevent constipation due to dry intestinal tract. Dine on time and have a balanced diet.

      The interval between meals is generally 4-5 hours. If the interval is too long, you will feel hungry easily, and your durability and work efficiency will be reduced. If the interval is too short, the digestive organs cannot get proper rest to recover their function, which affects appetite and digestion.

       Misunderstanding of the diet

        Avoid spicy or irritative food.

       Avoid high-fat food.

       The SAMLY ETIT Nutrition and Health dietitian gives us the rule for becoming a magnetic person: a wide diversity of diet, combination of coarse and fine food, sufficient sleep, moderate exercise plus good mindset! Wish all people healthy and happy every day!