Shenzhen Samly Bio-Health Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, has four wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Since its foundation, the Company has been dedicated to the development, production, sale and service of dietary supplements. Since it explored the new business model in 2010, it has gradually built up the advantages in provision of personalized dietary nutrition programs for consumers and in the field of health management service, with its products and services distributed to 34 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

The Company has passed the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certification, GMP certification, and HACCP and ISO9001 certification successively and is the unique enterprise awarded the title of “China’s Food Safety Demonstration Unit” for 8 years in a row since 2005. In 2009, the Company signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese Weightlifting Team, according to which, the Company’s products became the designated special products for Chinese Weightlifting Team.

The Company has created a number of “No. 1s” in the industry: the first enterprise localizing imported health food in the industry; the first enterprise launching the dietician terminal training and service in the industry; the first enterprise launching “Promised Marketing” in the industry; the first set of e-book in the industry– SAMLY E-book; the first enterprise culture song in the industry – Song of Life.

Six Core Competitive Advantages

Through years of development, SAMLY has gradually formed the following six core competitive advantages: unique business model, rich and complementary product mix, safe and effective product quality, deeply constructed channel terminal, highly influential channel brand, and stable and efficient core team.  

Innovative Business Model

Since 2010, SAMLY has gradually explored an innovative business model in the fierce market competition: with the nutrition and health management platform (ETIT nutrition and health management system) as the core, the traditional sale channel is integrated organically and, through the membership-based nutrition and health management of the ETIT system, the single, discontinuous, irregular consumer behavior that can't be reproduced in the traditional sale channel is converted to repeated, continuous, regular and reproducible consumer behavior, thus rapidly realizes multiplication of sales of the Company.

Brand Influence of SAMLY

SAMLY attaches great importance to brand construction. During 2007-2011, SAMLY ran advertising on CCTV, Phoenix Satellite Television, CHINA RAILWAY MEDIA, TOWONA, etc. successively to grow brand awareness.

SAMLY’s brand New Life ranks second place in the top 10 brands in the dietary supplement (non-direct selling field) industry. The calcium product ranks fourth place, the fish oil product ranks second place, the protein powder product ranks third place, and the lecithin product ranks fifth place in their respective market.

Enterprise Culture:

Mission: To provide customers’ most favorable, employees’ most trusted and society’s most respected health products and services

Vision: To create a leading scientific nutrition management brand

Core Values: Tell the truth, do practical things, and see practical results

Spirit of Employees: Desire to advance, responsibility, and thankfulness

Operation Concept: People first

Product Concept: Safe and practical

Service Concept: Fast, warm, and sunny service