Date Event
In July 2013

Life Power Jiangsu Factory smoothly passed the GMP certification and became the largest “transparent factory” producing dietary supplements in Asia.

In March 2013

in the “ Nutrition Shinkansen • Health Tour in China” activity, Life Power assigned 12 health service vehicles to various places in the country and carry out the public benefit activity of free physical examination.

In September 2012

Life Power was invited to visit AIMS Financial Group, thus it began to enter into the capital market.

In July 2012

Life Power Business School’s first champion shop manager class began in Changzhou to impart the concepts and methods of health management to the trainees.

In July-August 2011

Life Power established a business school and created internal teams through “Business Skill Competition”, “Uniting People • Showing Self-worth”, etc.

In January 2011

Life Power signed an agreement on advertising on 50 trains, covering 98% of the cities in the country.

In December 2010

New Life series products were awarded the title of “Consumers’ Most Favorite 10 Healthcare Brands of Guangdong”.

In December 2010

Life Power was awarded the title of “The Most Competitive Brand (Healthcare) Enterprise of Guangdong”.

In September 2010

New Life series products were awarded the title of “Designated Special Products for Chinese Weightlifting Team for the Asian Games”.

In December 2009

Life Power invested in establishing a new factory in Shenzhen. The new factory has passed the GMP certification for health food, has an area of over 4000 m2, and can produce multiple sizes of tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, oral liquid, granules, powder, etc.

In November 2009

Life Power’s completely new marketing center office was put into formal use. It is located opposite to the scenic spot “Window of the World”, adjoining Shenzhen High-Tech Park, and has an office space of over 1500 m2.

In September 2009

Life Power, jointly with Chinese Weightlifting Team and Yunnan Hongxiang Yixintang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., launched the large-scale public benefit activity “Love is together with life”, and Life Power donated dietary supplements with a value over RMB 5 million to more than 100 poor primary schools in Yunnan.

In July 2009

Life Power cooperated with Chinese Weightlifting Team, New Life series products became the designated special products for Chinese Weightlifting Team.

In September 2007

The New Life Fish Oil ad was aired on CCTV-7, CCTV-10 and Phoenix Satellite Television simultaneously, and the Company entered the strategic development of brand construction.

In June 2006

New Life series products were launched, and the Company’s marketing strategy was changed from wholesale marketing to terminal service.

In November 2005

Life Power obtained the trademark of “Double Fish” pattern.

In September 2005

Life Power’s factory passed the GMP certification by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration, and Life Power was listed in the first batch of health product production enterprises with the GMP certificate in Guangdong. Later, Life Power passed the HACCP and ISO9001 certifications successively and was appraised as the “Advanced Unit in Technology and Quality Work in the Food and Pharmaceuticals Industry of Guangdong”.

In March 2005

ABP products were launched with completely new packaging.

In February 2005

Ta Kung Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper, devoted an entire page to the news that ABP products had come to Asia.

In 2005

the Company launched the sub-brand New Life.