Purpose: To provide free health tests for more people and gather health status data of common people all over the country. SAMLY Health Express is a movable vehicle equipped with first-class health test instruments to allow common people to experience four high-end physical examination items, i.e. body composition analysis, microcirculation test, cardiovascular test, and gastrointestinal test. Professional dietitians provide free nutritional counseling. Through these tests and counseling, the common people all over the country can experience high-end physical examination, get accurate nutritional counseling services, and understand the important role of nutrition in maintaining health and preventing chronic diseases.

Automatic Cardiovascular Tester
Test Items of Cardiovascular Tester: Cardiac index, stroke volume, partial pressure of oxygen in blood in cerebral arteries, oxygen content in blood in cerebral arteries, cerebral arterial oxyhemoglobin saturation, pulse wave coefficient, total cholesterol, blood viscosity, TRR, neutral fat, vascular elasticity, vascular resistance, triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein, cardiac index, free radical, creatinine, free fatty acid, circulating immune complex, etc.
Functions: Programmed for microcomputer integrated automation; adopts clinicopathologic analysis graphics; saving and printing completed at a time; original transdermal carrier, bioelectrical information acquisition, completed at a time within 5-8 minutes.

Electrogastrogram Analyzer
Overview of Electrogastrogram: It is well known that each movement of the parts of the body corresponds to an electrical activity, often called “bioelectricity”, such as electrocardio, electroencephalogram, etc. Gastrointestinal electricity is the result of gastrointestinal motility (peristalsis). Gastrointestinal electricity is the important subdiscipline of electrophysiology. Electrogastrogram is made with the same method as for electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalogram (EEG), that is, records are made with the skin electrode from the surface of abdominal wall; when the skin electrode is put on the corresponding checkpoints of the stomach and intestine, gastrointestinal electricity signals are recorded as the objective bioelectricity indicator of gastrointestinal functional activities. According to the changes in gastrointestinal electricity wave and parameters, gastrointestinal disorders can be diagnosed, and the curative effect can be determined.
According to the electrogastrogram-based diagnosis criteria of Chinese Society of Gastroenterology, functional (motility) gastrointestinal disorders, such as gastroparesis, gastric dysrhythmia syndrome (GDS), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), tachygastria, bradygastria, etc., can be diagnosed accurately. Reference for diagnosing organic diseases, such as gastric ulcer, gastritis, etc., is provided.

Microcirculation Analyzer/ Peripheral Vascular Visualizer
Functions: The vessel loop pattern, number of vessel loops, blood flow velocity, and errhysis, etc. of microcirculation can be observed to assist in judging sub-health state, such as blood stasis and brain/cardiovascular diseases.
Scope: 1. Observing peripheral microcirculation of nailfold; 2. Observing sweat glands; 3. Observing peripheral microcirculation of skin; 4. Observing hair follicles; 5. Observing tongue microcirculation; 6. Testing microcirculation effect of bamboo charcoal products; 7. Observing peripheral microcirculation of auricle; 8. Testing microcirculation effect of far infrared products; 9. Observing microcirculation of lips; 10. Testing microcirculation effect of germanium and titanium products; 11. Observing microcirculation of other parts. Suitable for hospitals, school labs, clinics, etc., as the best auxiliary testing equipment.

Body Composition Analyzer
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) refers to a noninvasive biological testing technology for getting the information on biological tissues in the body by obtaining the electrical impedance in the body with the precision measurement method with weak current harmless to the body that passes through the body according to the principle that the blood, muscle, etc. of human body have good electrical conductivity and fat is nearly non-conducting. The technology is widely used in the field of clinical medicine in the world.
Body Composition Analyzer has the unique sectional measurement and high computing speed, measurement accuracy comparable to professional medical equipment, and exquisite and unconventional portable design to allow common people to receive mysterious body composition measurement, thus grasp their own health password and guard the health of themselves and their family members.