Professional dietary supplement production base leading in Asia
In 2013, the new SAMLY transparent factory Phase I was completed in Jiangsu, with the total investment of 120 million yuan. The factory covers an area of 14,000m2, with the green coverage ratio of 40%. It is a professional health food production base integrating production, sales and technical development. At present, the area of the transparent GMP compliant production workshop built is 10,0000m2, including 100,000 level purified workshop of 6,000 m2 and a series of state-of-the-art automatic production equipment. The dosage forms it produces include tablet, granule, powder, hard capsule, and soft capsule.
The transparency of SAMLY transparent factory reflects the confidence of quality of SAMLY products, the confidence of becoming the real highly accepted “people-brand”, and the confidence to let the world witness SAMLY’s keeping improving in each process.
Global quality is “cut-off scores”
SAMLY selects the best materials worldwide. The US, Denmark, New Zealand, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, etc. are the places of origin of materials of New Life series products. When others take “the key to the quality of dietary supplements is material control” as a stunt, SAMLY has done all that quietly. The rough history of 17 years is sufficient to prove SAMLY’s requirement of product quality is unusual.
Product flow tracing and anti-counterfeiting system
SAMLY’s product flow tracing system can strictly supervise and control the orderly flow of goods to provide a channel for tracing product safety. By applying the encryption two-dimensional code technology, the system makes each product have a unique identifier - two-dimensional code. The code contains the type, production information, serial number, sales information, etc. of the product to ensure the product traceable from production to sales.          
Each bottle of product of SAMLY is affixed with a label containing a security code. Users can check the authenticity of the product via phone, SMS, website, etc. At the same time, for the real security code checked by users, the Company will give reward points.
Advanced ERP system        
Through cooperation with the world’s famous ERP company, by right of the advanced ERP management software, SAMLY continuously optimizes and improves its overall supply chain system and perfects its work process to create the best information engine in China.
Quality created wholeheartedly achieves trustworthy products
When the transparent factory is opened, SAMLY will continuously invite the public to visit it through various channels. When you enter SAMLY transparent factory, you can have a close look at each production process and the materials and finished products inspection process...feel the trustworthy quality of SAMLY transparent factory.
Green energy sources · sustainable development
SAMLY actively creates ecological production environment. The large solar panel installed on the top of SAMLY transparent factory has an annual electricity production of 2 million kWh and can meet the electricity demand of the whole factory. At the same time, in the plant of the transparent factory, the green coverage ratio of is up to 40%, and all details reveal green, environmental protection, and sustainability.