Interpretation of SAMLY Logo

The logo is a rotating sphere composed of green leaves, river, sun, Eight Diagrams, and smile face.

Meaning of S-shaped Green Leaves: “S” is the first letter of “SAMLY”. Green leaves stand for nature, health and life, symbolize the Company, and suggest the Company is engaged in human health undertakings.

Meaning of River and Sun: The river stands for “long-standing and well-established” and continuation of the vitality. The sun stands for vigor, energy, and rapid progress. Water is the origin of life, and the sun provides energy. They symbolize SAMLY is built to last under the nourishing of the river and the sun.

Meaning of Eight Diagrams: Eight Diagrams stands for harmony and balance, and symbolize that SAMLY is dedicated to human’s balanced nutrition and symbolize the enterprise concept of establishing win-win business relations and growing together with customers in harmony.

Meaning of Smile Face: SAMLY lets you fully enjoy health and unlimited happiness.

Meaning of Rotating Sphere: Round stands for satisfaction and success. The infinitely rotating sphere gives out infinite vitality and vigor and is rolling forward, which symbolizes SAMLY develops rapidly and succeeds continuously.

Brand Positioning

1. Overall Positioning of SAMLY: Leading scientific nutrition management brand

2. Overall Brand Positioning of SAMLY: Scientific, Nutritional, Natural, and Healthy

3. Brand Positioning of SAMLY’s Imported Products: Imported functional nutritious foods

4. Brand Positioning of New Life Series Products: Champion Quality • Gold Medal Nutrition